St. Boniface was a great Evangelist and Reformer. He is also one of the first to have brought the Gospel to the Saxons. Today a new evangelization of the Saxons is needed, and therefore the first Anglican Catholic mission effort in the Saxon parts of the Netherlands is placed under the patronage of this great missionary saint. It is our hope and prayer that our mission may serve the coming Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and that His love may be more widely known and accepted.

Faithfully taking our lead from our Patron Saint we accept the Rule of St. Benedict as our inspiration to understand and practice the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not a monastic community. Rather, we strive to be a community welcoming to all people of all states and walks of life. It was Benedictine monks that shaped much of Christian Europe by their efforts at evangelism, Church reform, and scriptural preaching. Saint Benedict is rightly the Patron Saint of Europe and we are continuing the efforts at evangelism, reform, and preaching so that our Lord’s saving grace may find as many as He has called to salvation.

The Mass is performed in English using the Missale Anglicanum or English Missal. Occasionally the American Missal may be used to celebrate a saint from the post-Reformation Anglican tradition. Work is being done to make available a Missal in Dutch.

Fr. Gregory Wassen